A Pledge From Us

Every right-thinking person has been touched, unnerved and angered by the senseless killing of George Floyd in recent weeks. This has, rightly, served to remind us of the social injustice and discrimination that groups of society face whether it be blindingly obvious or more subtly ingrained.

As a recruitment agency, we may typically remain apolitical but we can’t be silently complicit with prejudice in any form. 

However, recent events have proven that everyone can always (and should) be better.

Consequently, we wanted to put on record a policy we have always been very proud of:

· Innova Recruitment will guarantee that the use of language (written or otherwise) will not discourage certain groups of society from applying for a job.

· We will look to understand more about what our clients’ idea of culture fit means and ensure it isn’t exclusionary.

· We can wholeheartedly guarantee that all applicants, regardless of race, gender or other defining characteristics will receive the same candidate experience with our agency.

Like most industries, technology is one that will only thrive with more diverse input and we will do everything in our power to ensure that no-one is precluded from the hiring process by us.