An introduction to the team: Mel and Sophie

In our new "Meet the Team" series, we're excited to spotlight two remarkable members of our team: Sophie Adams and Melliah Whiteley. Their crucial roles and distinct personalities make Innova the thriving place it is.

Sophie Adams - Operations Extraordinaire

Meet Sophie, our Operations Manager who keeps our office running seamlessly. Originally from Cheshire and now a proud Manchester resident of six years, Sophie oversees finance, HR, and office management. Fondly known as our "office mom," she's the linchpin ensuring everything runs smoothly while laying the groundwork for future success. 

Why Innova? Sophie was drawn to Innova's welcoming atmosphere from the moment she walked in for her interview. The team's friendly demeanour combined with their passion for client and candidate satisfaction made it a perfect cultural fit. The potential for growth and the supportive directors sealed the deal for her.

A Day in Sophie's Life: With a diverse role, Sophie embraces the variety each day brings. Balancing finance, HR tasks, and office projects, she ensures everything is in order. From invoice reconciliation to ensuring the business strategy is kept front and centre of everyone’s minds, Sophie's days are productive but rarely the same. 

Fun Fact: Beyond her operational expertise, Sophie holds a degree in interior design and finds solace in painting.

Melliah Whiteley (Mel) - Crafting Creative Marketing Magic

Meet Melliah, our Marketing Executive who crafts compelling brand narratives. Armed with a tripod, lighting, and a creative touch, Mel brings stories to life through captivating videos. Her role involves forging meaningful connections for our diverse audience, leaving a lasting impact.

Why Innova? Mel was attracted to Innova's growth potential and passionate leadership team. The company's mission to empower individuals with meaningful job opportunities deeply resonated. Innova's supportive environment and focus on employee development solidified her choice.

A Day in Mel's Life: Mel's days strike a balance between creativity and strategy. From analysing market trends to crafting impactful social media content, she's focused on propelling our growth. Each day holds something new, driven by her love for marketing and her penchant for TikTok.

Fun Fact: Mel's enthusiasm isn't limited to her professional life—she's a dance enthusiast who loves exploring diverse cultures and cuisines worldwide.

Together, Sophie and Mel are just two examples of Innova's dynamic team spirit. Each contribute their unique skills to our collective success. Stay tuned as we continue to introduce the exceptional individuals who make up our Innova family.