An Introduction to the Team: Sami Morris

Who are you, and what is your role?

My name is Sami Morris, and I am a Recruitment Consultant specialising in the Cloud and Infrastructure space.

What attracted you to Innova? 

What attracted me to Innova was the opportunity to work with, and be trained by, entrepreneurs who are passionate about the business’s success. I was sure they would take the time and effort to enable the business and myself to succeed within the industry, and the tech sector, being a growing market which is adaptive to change, offers a long-term opportunity. 

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

My name Sami is French-Arabic. My father is from Algeria, my mother from Essex, and I have two younger brothers with the same mother and different fathers.

What’s your favourite way to spend a day off?

Going out with my girlfriend to the arcade, to see a movie, go golfing, or going to the gym.

Who’s your ideal dinner guest?

Jim Carrey.

What three fictional characters would you say best describes you?

Tom, Jerry, and Severus Snape.

What song best sums you up?

Word Crimes by Weird Al Yankovic.