How to nail your job interview- Part one

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, but the right preparation can make all the difference. One key aspect of interview readiness is having well-crafted answers to common questions.

In this blog, we'll explore the best responses to some of the most frequently asked interview questions, helping you impress your potential employer and land the desired job.

  1. Tell me about yourself.

This question might appear straightforward, but it's vital. Rather than providing a comprehensive personal or professional history, create a concise, compelling pitch that highlights why you're the ideal fit for the job. Start by discussing your current role, including its scope and significant achievement. Next, provide some context on your career journey and relevant experiences. Conclude by explaining why you're excited about and perfectly suited for this role.

Potential response to "Tell me about yourself"

"I'm currently a software engineer at XYZ Corp, specialising in developing innovative mobile applications. Prior to this, I've had experiences with top industry companies where I contributed to the development of large-scale software solutions. Although I enjoyed those roles, I'm enthusiastic about diving even deeper into mobile app development, making the opportunity with Tech Innovators Ltd extremely exciting."

  1. Walk me through your resume

This is a common interview opener. Instead of focusing on the qualities and skills that make you suitable for the job, narrate your qualifications through your previous tech roles and craft your career story. You can choose a chronological approach or begin with your current position, emphasising your most pertinent experiences and accomplishments for the current role.  Connect your past and present to demonstrate why this role is a logical progression in your career.

Potential response to "Walk me through your resume”

"As indicated on my resume, my journey took a somewhat unconventional path. In university, I studied computer science and had my first experience developing a mobile app. After graduation, I entered the tech industry as a software engineer for a leading e-commerce company, where I contributed to the development of their flagship web application. Subsequently, I transitioned to a new role at a fintech startup, where I was responsible for creating a secure payment processing system. My passion for mobile app development resurfaced, leading me to pursue a certification in mobile app development through online courses. Last year, I left my full-time role to work on my mobile app startup and gained valuable insights into entrepreneurship. Now, I'm thrilled to apply my expertise to this mobile app development role with innovative tech solutions."

  1. How did you hear about this position?

While seemingly straightforward, this question allows you to stand out and demonstrate your passion and connection to the company. If you learned about the role through a colleague or professional contact, mention them and explain why this specific job excited you. Even if you discovered the listing through a random job board, share what specifically caught your attention about the role.

Potential response to "How did you hear about this position?"

"I learned about the mobile app developer opening through a fellow developer, John, who spoke highly of the innovative work your team is doing. Given my tech background and strong interest in mobile app development, I was compelled to apply."

  1. Why do you want to work at this company?

Avoid generic answers. Instead, focus on specific aspects that make the company unique and particularly appealing to you. Highlight the company's tech innovations, growth, transformation, opportunities for future development, or your interactions with employees. Be specific, as a vague response may indicate a lack of genuine interest or fit.

Potential response to "Why do you want to work at this company?"

"I noticed through your blog that your company is at the forefront of AI and machine learning innovations. This aligns with my passion for cutting-edge tech and my aspiration to contribute to AI research. Furthermore, I've followed your team's publications on machine learning and AI ethics, and I'm excited about the potential to work alongside experts in this field."

  1. Why do you want this job?

Tech companies seek candidates passionate about the role. Provide a compelling reason for your interest, based on the key aspects that make the position an excellent fit for you. Also, express your enthusiasm for the company.

Potential response to "Why do you want this job?"

"I've always been fascinated by mobile app development and have dedicated my career to mastering this field. Your company's reputation for delivering user-friendly and innovative mobile apps aligns perfectly with my aspirations. I'm genuinely excited about the prospect of working on challenging mobile app projects and contributing my skills to your team's success."

In addition to the above tips, when you choose to work with us, whether it's applying for a role directly or having us represent you to a company you have in mind, we provide comprehensive interview preparation to boost your confidence and help you land that coveted job. Your success is our priority, and we're here to support you every step of the way.