Tech Report Live!

Introducing Innova-view 2023, our first-ever tech report!

At Innova, we're not content with just matching top-notch candidates with amazing clients but we want to make a real impact on the tech community. That's why we surveyed over 10,000 professionals across different levels and areas of expertise - from Junior Developers to CTOs - about Attracting Talent, Retaining Staff, and Recruiting The Right Way. Our goal is straightforward: simplify the hiring process in today's dynamic and ever-evolving environment.

Due to the pandemic and inflation rises, a lot of individuals are facing difficulties in meeting their needs. Are you also one of those who are searching for a fresh job? Have you ever questioned why using various recruitment firms doesn't yield fruitful outcomes? Have diversity and inclusion programs been considered while making decisions? If you're assessing your company’s EVP, then keep reading as we have invested considerable effort to determine what people truly desire!

Why don't we jump right in?

After consulting with experts in the industry, we have gained invaluable insights into crucial factors that influence job seekers' decision-making process. These include employee benefits, diversity and inclusion measures, among other critical elements that employers must prioritise to attract top talent.

A large percentage - more than 70% - of candidates have stated that knowing about an organization's efforts towards D&I would greatly affect their decision to apply for a job there. Inclusion initiatives lead to stronger connections and drive motivation while drawing in varied talent pools.

They establish equal chances for groups traditionally marginalised within companies to succeed and narrow the gap on diversity issues. At Innova, we believe that creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is crucial to success in the tech industry

Retaining Staff

After putting together a group of highly skilled technology experts, companies must prioritise methods that will encourage them to stay. Implementation of retention tactics is key in ensuring their long-term loyalty and commitment to your organisation.


At Innova, we talk to job seekers every day and make sure they have what they need to stay happy at work.

We asked people about their jobs and found that 31% expect to be looking for new challenges every few years, especially in tech where turnover is high (13.2%). This could be because of bosses leaving or changes in how things are done.

There's also a shortage of skilled workers, so people with good skills can ask for more money when they change jobs. When we asked if people expected raises after being somewhere less than a year, the answer was no for most (9.2%), but over half thought it was possible within three years (63.8%).

Finally, one out of four employees said their managers don't support them enough. At Innova, we understand that retaining staff is just as important as finding the right candidates.

If you're finding that your talented tech professionals are leaving every few years, it could be worthwhile to take a closer look at what they're looking for in an employer

Recruiting the right way

The process of hiring new talent is an essential aspect for any company, and it should be undertaken with great attention to detail. Employers must handle this task persuasively by showing care and precision towards the recruitment process to guarantee a positive experience for both themselves and the candidates.

According to recent surveys, over half of job seekers had negative experiences due to poorly handled recruitment procedures by recruiters. Such practices can confuse candidates, leading them astray from potential opportunities.

One such example is when multiple recruiters contact a candidate regarding the same job position; this creates unnecessary competition between agencies leading them down on rush hiring instead of finding the best-suited applicant for you. Having numerous recruiting firms involved in your search will add extra workload since more resumes need reviewing.

Therefore, if you're keen on sourcing top-quality talent - it may be time to cut out these 'multiple recruiter' tactics

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