Laura Nisoli

Laura Nisoli
Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant. Focused on building great digital teams. 

Joining the team as a UX/UI recruitment specialist, Laura’s drive to learn and passion for each role she takes on allows her to personalise the hiring experience to you. 

After graduating from Keele University with a Master’s degree in International Business, and with 2 years’ experience as an Accommodation Manager, Laura was an easy choice for Innova. Smart, dedicated, and with excellent communication skills, she makes a great addition to the team. 

Laura has been great from the first day. A great professional and has been super helpful throughout my journey on landing my dream job. Working with her has made my experience with the agency far much easier and efficient from previous experiences. Laura is punctual, quality oriented and a great people person. I can confidently say that she is a superb partner and asset to have by your side when changing or looking for a new career opportunity and to the agency.

- Gulfraz Tariq 

Who are you, and what is your role?

My name is Laura Nisoli. I was born and raised in Zambia, and came to the UK for university. I am a Recruitment Consultant working primarily within the UX and Analytics markets. 

What attracted you to Innova?

I was intrigued from the first moment I heard of Innova and immediately wanted to know more. The chance to learn first-hand from industry experts and be guided by them was an unmissable opportunity. The fact that Innova is a start up with so much potential was a bonus. The entire process from the first call to meeting the team was an absolute dream! 

What is the most valuable career advice you’ve been given?

You can do anything you commit your continuous efforts and energy to.

Tell us something interesting about yourself. 

I love travelling and experiencing new cultures. My current countries-I've-travelled-to count is 18, and I hope to make it loads more soon. I have also met a 103-year-old turtle and for me that’s as good as meeting a dinosaur. It was such a unique and incredible experience that I may have cried.

Who’s your ideal dinner guest?

Michelle Obama. She’s incredibly smart and actively inspiring and helping people all over the world. She also had a garden in the Whitehouse so I’m hoping for some good tips in that department, too.